Where Is The Routing Number On A Chase Bank Statement?

Your routing number is the nine-digit number that is located in the bottom left corner. Immediately after the routing number, at the bottom center, is your account number. After the account number is the check number, which may be seen at the bottom right corner.

How do I Find my Chase routing number online?

Online You may determine both your routing and account numbers by logging in to chase.com and selecting the final four digits of the account number that is shown above your account information.This will provide you with both numbers.You will then have the option to select, ″See entire account number″ next to your account name.

  • This will cause a window to come up and reveal both your account number and your routing number.

Where do I find the routing number on a check?

Every check in your checkbook should include the nine-digit routing number for your bank printed in the bottom left-hand corner of the check. Your checking account number is the number that is located directly to the right of the routing number.

Where do I find the routing number on a JP Morgan check?

On a paper check, where should one look for the routing number for JPMorgan Chase? Any check that has been printed by JPMORGAN CHASE will have the ABA Check Routing Number printed on the bottom left side of the check. There are several instances in which the checking account number and check serial number are written in the wrong sequence.

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What is the routing number for Chase Bank in Arizona?

Routing Numbers for Chase Bank (By State) The state in which you initially opened your bank account will serve as the basis for determining your routing number. State. Routing Number. Alabama. 065400137. Arizona. 122100024. Arkansas.