Where Is Cadence Bank Headquarters?

A bank with headquarters in the United States, Cadence Bank has 99 locations in the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas. The bank’s administrative and operational headquarters are located in Birmingham, which is located in the state of Alabama.

Who bought Cadence Bank?

On November 11, Community Bancorp will combine its two banking subsidiaries, Superior Bank, National Association and Cadence Bank, National Association, into one robust regional bank to become the new Cadence Bank, National Association. Concurrently, the company formerly known as Community Bancorp, LLC shall hereafter be referred to as Cadence Bancorp, LLC.

Who is Cadence Bank merging with?

(WTVA) – TUPELO, Mississippi The merger between BancorpSouth Bank and Cadence Bank resulted in a new logo for Cadence Bank.

How long has Cadence Bank been around?

A regional bank with a focus on growth that was established in 2009 and has the same unwavering dedication to cultivating long-term connections with its clients as it did when it first opened its doors.

Is Cadence Bank FDIC insured?

Cadence Bank, National Association is a financial institution that is insured by the FDIC and can be found in Atlanta, Georgia. Information Relating to the Bank in General

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FDIC Insured Yes
FDIC Certificate # 4999
Date Established 1887
Assets $ 18.67 billion
Loans $ 11.36 billion

Is Cadence a good bank?

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What is the new name for Cadence Bank?

Customers of BancorpSouth received an email on Thursday informing them that the company will be changing its name to Cadence Bank. ‘In the autumn of 2021, BancorpSouth Bank and Cadence Bank joined forces, establishing a leading regional bank that has positioned us to serve our clients better,’ business executives stated in the email. ″BancorpSouth Bank and Cadence Bank joined forces.″

Has Cadence Bank been sold?

News. TUPELO, Mississippi, and HOUSTON, October 29th, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Cadence Bank (NYSE: CADE) today announced the successful closing of its previously announced merger. This merger involved the legacy Cadence Bancorporation merging into BancorpSouth Bank, with BancorpSouth emerging as the surviving company.

Is Cadence Bank Black Owned?

HOUSTON, June 8, 2021 – Cadence Bank, which is a subsidiary of Cadence Bancorporation (NYSE: CADE), has just established a strategic commercial collaboration with Unity National Bank of Houston (Unity National Bank), which is the only Black-owned financial institution in the state of Texas. Unity National Bank is situated in Houston.

Is Cadence Bank the same as National bank of Commerce?

The Mississippi branch of the National Bank of Commerce (today known as Cadence Bank)

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What kind of bank is Cadence?

Cadence Bank is a significant regional banking franchise that operates more than 400 branch locations throughout the South, Midwest, and Texas. The company’s stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol CADE. Consumers, companies, and corporations may all benefit from the extensive variety of cutting-edge banking and financial services that Cadence has to offer.

Does Cadence Bank have free checking?

Blue Checking, a personal account that provides you with additional advantages for your safety and protection at no additional cost, is the greatest basic checking account that Cadence Bank has to offer.

What does Cadence Bank offer?

Cadence is able to combine the personal banking solutions that are ideal for you, regardless of whether you are interested in mobile banking or other online services.The personal financial services offered by Cadence Bank include a wide selection of checking accounts, savings plans, personal loans, and more, in addition to providing quick and unrestricted access to your funds in a protected setting.

What is the benefit of a money market account?

What are the Advantages of Investing in a Money Market Account? Advantages of MMAs include higher interest rates, insurance protection, check writing rights, and debit card privileges. MMAs also provide many more benefits. One of the most alluring aspects of MMAs is the possibility of earning interest rates that are superior to those offered by savings accounts.