How Many Seats In A Row At Citizens Bank Park?

In the lower bowl parts of the outfield, the number of seats in a row typically ranges from 18 to 22. The number of seats that are located in each row of the upper deck outfield sections vary from section to section; nevertheless, the vast majority of sections will have rows that contain between 20 and 24 seats.

What are upper terrace seats at Citizens Bank Park?

  • The Upper Terrace seats at Citizens Bank Park offer some of the less favorable views available during a trip to the ballgame.
  • These seats are located on the highest level of seating available in the ballpark.
  • The majority of these sections have fewer than 20 rows of seating, and despite the fact that they have a distant perspective, spectators may still find adequate shade in the top rows owing to a modest roof that is located above them.

How many people can Citizens Bank Park hold?

Because we did not capture 43,647 individual images at Citizens Bank Park, the seat views that we offer are often a sampling from various locations around a venue. Citizens Bank Park has a capacity of up to 43,647 people, but we did not take those photos.

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Where are the Hall of Fame seats at Citizens Bank Park?

The seats that make up the Hall of Fame at Citizens Bank Park may be found in sections 212 through 232. These seats do not come with any additional conveniences; nevertheless, the concourse at this level is enclosed and climate conditioned, making it an excellent choice for use on hot summer days. Place your cursor over the individual parts to see what the view looks like from within them.

What is Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia known for?

Although the Citizens Bank Park is most recognized for being the home of the Philadelphia Phillies, it has been the setting for a variety of other events as well. SeatGeek is well-known for having the best-in-class interactive maps, which simplify the process of selecting the ideal seating location.

How are the rows numbered at Citizens Bank Park?

Floor seating at Citizens Bank Park may be divided into as many as 12 sections and is labeled with the numbers AA through MM. Sections AA-GG are the ones that are located the closest to the stage, while sections HH-MM are located further away.

Where are the best seats at Citizens Bank Park?

Straight Ahead to the Stage: The most pleasant views of the performance may be had from seats that are directly across from the stage, such as those found in Sections 122, 123, 124, and 125. Even at the top level areas, there are no obstructions to the view.

What rows are covered at Citizens Bank Park?

At Citizens Bank Park, the seats that are often in the shadow are those that are situated on the side of the ballpark that is closest to third base. Place yourself further back in that part, on the row, where it is covered. The second half of level 200 is considered to be in the penalty area.

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Where should I sit at Phillies stadium?

When attending a game featuring the Philadelphia Phillies or any other baseball team, the lower level sections located behind home plate and all around the infield are where fans should go for the greatest seats. Although sections A-G, often known as the Diamond Club, are your best bet for a seat in the infield, you won’t be disappointed no matter where you choose to locate yourself there.

What is club level at Citizens Bank Park?

  • At Citizens Bank Park, the Hall of Fame Club can be found on the upper level of the stadium’s second deck, which runs along the infield.
  • Those who purchase tickets for this level will have access to seats that are more plush, broader, and offer more legroom.
  • These are also among of the most compact sections in the stadium, making it simple to make your way back to the club concourse when the game is over.

What is a Power ticket at Citizens Bank Park?

The Phillies Power Ticket gives fans the ability to buy food and other merchandise at any of the 200 points of sale located around Citizens Bank Park. The value-added ticket is a method that has the potential to be more lucrative for teams.

Does Citizens Bank Park have a roof?

On the roof of the outfield pavilion are over 400 bleacher seats for spectators to sit in. From beyond the center field fence, spectators may get a good view of the cityscape of downtown Philadelphia. Right center field features bullpens that are split up onto many levels.

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Is Citizens Bank Park good for concerts?

  • The Field Seats at Citizens Bank Park are among the most sought seats for a concert because of their close proximity to the performance area.
  • We highly recommend sitting in one of the front floor areas, particularly for acts that attract an audience that is predominantly comprised of younger people.
  • Because of this, the chance of other guests standing in front of you and obstructing your view of the stage will be reduced.

Can you watch batting practice at Citizens Bank Park?

At Citizens Bank Park, it is possible to watch players take batting practice; however, it is important to keep in mind that batting practice may start before the stadium gates are opened, which means that spectators may miss some of the players who are taking batting practice.

How much are Phillies tickets behind home plate?

  • The tickets just behind home plate, which provide an excellent view of everything going on in the field, will be the most costly.
  • Seats to see the Philadelphia Phillies play this season may be purchased for as little as six dollars each, with the most costly tickets costing eight thousand nine hundred and twenty-five dollars each.
  • The price of tickets for the 2022 season will approximate somewhere about $92.75, on average.

How much does it cost to park at the Phillies game?

The fee to park your vehicle is $22 for the day. As of today (10/21) a fee of $44 will be imposed on every big vehicle that requires more than one parking space.

How many Philadelphia Phillies are in the Hall of Fame?

In the history of the Phillies, there have been thirty-two players who have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.